Launched in August of 2011, Kane Brewing Company is a small craft brewery located on the coast of New Jersey. Our focus is brewing American-style and Belgian influenced ales. All of our handcrafted beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and brewed locally in our custom built brew house located in Ocean Township in Monmouth County. Most of our beers are draft-only and available at bars and restaurants in coastal, central and northern New Jersey where we hand deliver each beer to ensure the highest level of both beer freshness and service. We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy creating them.


Michael C. Kane – President & Founder

The path to Kane Brewing Company started after a summer trip to Europe following Michael’s sophomore year in college. Through his travels across the European continent he was exposed to full-bodied English ales, crisp authentic German lagers, tart and refreshing Weiss beers and an array of unique Belgian ales. Following his return he looked to some of the small, recently opened craft breweries of New England as a way to explore new styles and flavors in beer. It was during one of these visits to a small Vermont brewery where he learned about homebrewing. Michael brewed his first batch, a German Wheat Beer, during his senior year in college and decided before it was finished fermenting that he was going to some day open a brewery.

Of course with no money and no concept of what it would take to even do that, he used his finance degree from Fairfield University to land a position as a litigation consultant in New York City. After four years of traveling, spreadsheets and countless batches of beer brewed in his tiny east village apartment, he left the city to pursue a MBA at the University Of Notre Dame in Indiana to continue his study of finance. This conveniently allowed him to explore the Midwest craft beer scene, but more importantly he learned more about funding, starting and managing a small business. During his time there he was also fortunate enough to intern in The Netherlands during the summer of 2004 and continue his exploration of Belgian beers.

Following graduation he moved back to New York City and got a job on Wall Street as an investment banker to gain some practical experience in finance and to help fund his project. Michael spent the next four years writing a business plan, researching the industry, visiting other brewers and brewery owners and occasionally actually during some work as an investment banker, so he could turn the brewery into a reality. He also continued to brew and develop his recipes winning a gold and silver medal at the 2009 National Homebrew Competition.

In 2010, he left Wall Street and signed a lease on a 7,500 square foot building formerly used to manufacture caskets in Ocean Township, New Jersey and began the process of building a craft brewery from the ground up. His goal was to bring his interpretation of American-style and Belgian influenced craft beers to the place where he grew up and to raise the level of craft beer awareness across the state. He chose this location because of his ties to New Jersey and his love of the small beach communities on the coast. After a year of construction, licensing and headaches, Kane Brewing Company opened to the public in August of 2011.


Glenn R. Lewis – Vice President, Sales

Glenn began exploring craft beer many years ago, starting with Michael’s home brewed beers and eventually branching out to traditional Belgian and bold American-style beers. His quest for craft beer knowledge began with basic questions for Michael over a few beers, and expanded to reading books about beer and beer history. He continues to absorb all he can from the knowledgeable brewing staff at Kane and bring a technical, insightful bent to selling beer.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Glenn has an Economics degree from Rutgers University and after 7 years in the pharmaceutical industry, is happy to be selling a product everyone loves to talk about. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons and surfing in Asbury Park in the morning before work.

Glenn is an avid woodworker and is proud to handcraft Kane Brewing’s tap handles.


Stephen F. Bohacik – Brewer

Stephen’s path to brewing started in a kitchen – at The Art Institute of Washington. In his final year of the Culinary Management B.S. program, Stephen took all of his electives in Beverage Management which led to becoming aware of the programs at the American Brewer’s Guild. While waiting for the Internship program in 2015, he got an internship as the Assistant Brewer at Basil T’s, enabling him to begin his ABG program in 2013 instead. Upon completion of the program, Stephen was hired at Kane.

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys watching TV with his wife Michael Mary, homebrewing, playing video games and reading comic books.


Ryan M. Bolger – Director of Operations

Ryan comes to Kane having spent 10 years in the Defense Industry in a multitude of finance and accounting positions. He holds a Finance degree from The College of New Jersey and an M.B.A from Georgian Court University. While travelling throughout the New England states, he always made visiting local breweries an essential part of the travel itinerary, as exploring breweries and the towns they are established in always seemed to lend to a more connected feeling while on vacation. More recently, homebrewing has opened up his eyes to a whole new world of exploration. One of Ryan’s main goals in life was to combine a passion with his career goals. The saying may be trite, but it is true, do what you love and you never work a day in your life. He is extremely excited to be a part of the team because he knows he is doing what he loves.

In Ryan’s free time he loves to hang out with his wife and two daughters, surf, snowboard, mountain bike, play tennis, homebrew and enjoy awesome beers with friends and family.


Michael R. Leary – Distribution

A 2011 graduate of Bloomfield College, Mike joined Kane Brewing in 2013 after working in corporate dining and volunteering at Harvest Moon brewpub.He continues to explore new flavors through his hobbies – making his own bacon and homebrewing. His favorite beer styles are American Pale Ales and sours. He likes to travel around the Mid-Atlantic area visiting breweries and farms.


Pat A. Pipi – Retail General Manager

While attending Rutgers University, Pat was introduced to the world of craft beer from a part time job that would soon help shape his career. Starting as a barback at The Old Bay Restaurant, New Jersey’s pioneering craft beer bar, he learned the growing industry was one not to ignore. Moving up to bartender and eventually General Manager, for over 15 years Pat has developed an award winning draft beer list, presented some of the best live entertainment in New Jersey and provided an amazing customer experience.

Being in the business for so long has gifted Pat with a love for people, food, wine and, of course, beer. Pat enjoys friendship time, seeking out live music, and traveling to find exciting new dining trends and exemplary craft beer & cocktail programs…as well as sunshine and beaches, but who doesn’t?