corked & caged


Corked & Caged is our series of small batch beers designed specifically for 750ml large format bottles. This series allows us to create beers using unique ingredients or techniques to create complex flavor profiles. All the beers in this series are carbonated through a natural process of bottle re-fermentation. Because most of these beers are Belgian influenced the thicker glass of the corked and caged bottle allows us to carbonate these beer at a more traditional level which is higher than our draft beers. All these beers are meant to be enjoyed fresh but because they are all unfiltered, bottle conditioned and higher in alcohol they should continue to develop with time, if stored properly. Open and pour carefully, these beers are best served around 50°.


availability: very limited

Sea Change uses a custom blend of three carefully selected strains of Brettanomyces known for producing tropical fruit flavors rather than barnyard funk. Deep notes of pineapple created by the yeast complement the more delicate citrus flavors from the hops for a layered effect of exceptional breadth. A slight acidity ties everything together and suggests the absence of traditional Sacchromyces fermentation. This beer was created slowly allowing the yeast to do its work, then reinvigorated by aggressive dry hopping just prior to bottling. Sea Change is meant to be consumed fresh.

Sea Change Label

APIARY (w/ Brettanomyces)

availability: very limited

Apiary is a farmhouse Saison brewed with local wild flower honey, which adds complexity to a malt bill featuring traditional grains like oats, spelt, and rye. Saison yeast for primary fermentation lends a proper rustic feel with notes of fruit and spice while finishing dry. Bottle conditioning with Brettanomyces adds a further dimension that will continue to evolve over time. Enjoy now or in the future.

Apiary Brett


availability: one-time

Seven Hundred Thirty was created to commemorate our first 730 days. It is a complex blend of several different beers – some barrel aged. Notable among them is 365 – our first anniversary ale aged for a year in fresh bourbon barrels. We also sampled and selected from our stock of oak-aged Belgian-style beers and added those that would contribute additional depth and character to this bottle. The final blend is a mosaic representing our brewery’s past while pointing us towards our future. Stored properly, 730 should age well. Enjoy now or in the future.

apiary 730


availability: limited

Apiary is a farmhouse Saison brewed with wild flower honey from Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Added at the end of the boil, the honey adds aromatics and flavors to a malt bill featuring traditional grains like oats, spelt, and rye. Saison yeast lends a proper rustic feel with notes of fruit and spice while finishing dry for a refreshing yet complex ale. In the farmhouse tradition, Apiary was brewed to enjoy during the warm days of summer and early fall.


availability: limited

Morning Bell was brewed in collaboration with Rook Coffee Roasters of Monmouth County. Their roastery is located just around the corner from the brewery and you can find one of our brewers there just about any morning. Morning Bell was brewed with their freshly roasted Sumatra dark roast coffee, creating a full bodied porter with big flavors and remarkable smoothness. A healthy dose of lactose in an already complex malt bill sweetens and balances the bold flavors of this coffee. Unfiltered and conditioned in the bottle, this beer will age well if stored properly. Enjoy now or in the future.



availability: one-time

Three Hundred Sixty-Five was created to commemorate our first 365 days. This beer is a blend of two beers brewed almost a year apart. The first part, an Imperial Stout, was brewed during our first month in 2011 and aged quietly in bourbon oak barrels for the following twelve months. The second, a Belgian-style Quadrupel with Chocolate Rye, was brewed almost a year later in August of 2012. This beer is the culmination of our first year’s work and best represents our philosophy as a brewery.



availability: limited

Belgian-sytle dark strong ale made with locally sourced apple cider and autumn spices. Malus is a unique beer, specifically conceived and brewed to celebrate our inaugural bottling. It is inspired by a traditional Belgian style, but redefined by locally-sourced ingredients. We replaced Belgian candi sugar with local apple cider reduced in our kettle over several days, and used our locally-sourced house Belgian yeast for primary fermentation.