Cerveza mysterioso. Mystery beer. This is the name of our series of small batch beers. Cerveza mysterioso was the name given to some homebrewed beers in the early days because without the use of a hydrometer the actual alcohol content was a mystery–and so was the quality. As the beers got better the name more reflected the continued experimentation with styles, recipes and ingredients and the mystery of not knowing what was coming next.

That’s the inspiration behind our series of small batch beers. They are brewed in our custom built half barrel pilot system and are used as a way to test new recipes, ingredients and techniques before moving them up to our 20 barrel system. These beers generally never make it out of the tasting room so you’ll have to come by if you want to taste the mysterioso.

mysterioso #27: Belgian quad

mysterioso #26: Belgian blonde

mysterioso #25: triple IPA

mysterioso #24: imperial red ale

mysterioso #23: pale ale

mysterioso #22: saison

mysterioso #21: hoppy wheat

mysterioso #20: farmhouse wheat (Cloud Cover pilot)

mysterioso #19: American pale ale

mysterioso #18: belgian-style dark strong

mysterioso #17: american-style barleywine

mysterioso #16: belgian-style ipa

mysterioso # 15: belgian-style quadrupel (365 pilot)

mysterioso # 14: belgian-style quadrupel (365 pilot)

mysterioso # 13: farmhouse saison with honey

mysterioso # 12: zythos ipa

mysterioso #11: american-style wit with cascade hops

mysterioso #10: belgian-style wit

mysterioso #9: zythos pale ale

mysterioso #8: belgian-style golden strong ale

mysterioso #7: belgian-style wit with sorachi hops

mysterioso #6: belgian-style dark strong with local apple cider (Malus pilot)

mysterioso #5: belgian-style dubbel

mysterioso #4: belgian-style wit

mysterioso #3: belgian-style dark strong with local apple cider (Malus pilot)

mysterioso #2: oatmeal brown ale (Drift Line pilot)

mysterioso #1: belgian-style dark strong