We receive a steady volume of phone calls, emails, and Twitter and Facebook messages concerning the same topics.  Please read this questions page before contacting us as there is a good chance your concern is addressed below. If you still have questions after reading this page then please click the contact link above or call the brewery phone at 732-922-8600.  Thank you.


1.      When are you open for tours and tastings?
Every Thursday 5-8pm, Friday 5-8pm, Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 12-5pm. In the event of a Holiday or other special circumstance, we will post updated tasting room hours to Facebook and Twitter.

2.      When do the tours take place and how long do they last?

Guided tours of our brewery are given at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  Guided tours last approximately 15-20 minutes.  Self-guided tours are continuously available during our Tour and Tasting hours.

3.      Is there a charge for the guided tours?

There is no charge for the tour but you must pay for the beer you sample.

4.      Do I need a reservation?
Reservations are not required.

5.      Do you serve food / are you a brewpub?
No, we are a production brewery.  In the state of NJ production breweries are not allowed to serve food.

5.      Can I bring my own food?
No. We work very hard to keep our brewery clean, which is the first step to making good beer. Having food and food related trash in the brewery increases the risk of pest problems, sanitary issues, etc.

6.      Are minors welcome?
Minors are welcome as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. However, be aware that our space is a functioning brewery and as such there are stairs, ladders, hot pipes, sharp edges, heavy kegs and barrels, and important valves and controls, so children should be supervised at all times. Of course, you must be 21 or over to partake in any sampling.  Also portions of the brewery are not temperature controlled and get hot in the summer and cold in the winter so dress accordingly.

7.      Are pets welcome?

Sorry, no pets.

8.      If I just want to buy beer to go, can I stop in any time?

No, our tasting room is only a small part of what we do.  During the week we are busy with the production and distribution side of the business and do not have the resources to host visitors during any other times but our designated tour and tasting hours.

 9.     Is the tasting room / brewery available to rent for private events / functions or parties?

No, at this time the space is not available for rental.



1.      Do you sell / fill growlers of Kane at the brewery?

Yes, we fill growlers during our tour and tasting hours (Thursdays and Fridays 5-8pm, Saturdays 12-7pm and Sundays 12-5pm).  Our 2L swing-top growlers cost $12, our 1L swing-top growlers cost $10. Beer fill prices vary depending on the style but are generally $12-$20.

2.      Do we fill other breweries’ growlers?

Yes, we fill growlers from other breweries.

3.      Do you fill 1L / 32oz / 750ml growlers?

Yes, we now fill 1L and 32oz growlers. Beer fill prices for these growlers range from $7-$11.

4.      Do you sell kegs at the brewery?

Yes, we sell sixtels—5.2 gallon kegs.  Keg prices vary based on style and ABV but are generally $95-110.  There is a $30 cash deposit for the keg.

5.      If I have my own keg will you fill it for me?

No, we only fill our own kegs.

 6.     Can I bring in a keg from another brewery to use as my deposit?

No, kegs are not interchangeable.  That keg is owned by somebody and they would like it returned so they can fill it again.

7.      Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available for purchase during tour and tasting hours (Fridays 5-8pm & Saturdays 12-5pm) at the brewery.  We do not sell gift certificates online or by mail.

8.      Do you accept credit/debit cards?




1.       I really enjoyed your beer at my local restaurant or bar but I can’t find it in my liquor store; what liquor stores carry your beer?

The only place to get our draft beer is at bars or restaurants.  Outside of a few limited releases, all of our beer is packaged in kegs for draft sales.  We do not bottle any of our draft beer for sale in liquor stores or at the brewery.

2.      I live outside of New Jersey.  In what other states do you currently distribute?

We only distribute our beers in New Jersey.  At some point in the future we expect to expand our geographic footprint beyond New Jersey, but right now demand is such that we are fortunate enough to sell all our beer in our home state of New Jersey.



1.      What size is the brewery?

We have a two-vessel 20 bbl brew house (1 bbls = 31 gallons) and seven 40 bbl tanks.

2.      What is your annual production capacity?

With our current set-up we can brew about 4,000 bbls a year.

3.      Are you hiring? 

When positions become available they will be posted in the career section of the website and at

4.      Do we ever need volunteers?

If we ever need volunteers we will post something on our website or on


Thank you for your interest in Kane Brewing Co.  Hope this address all of your questions.  If not please call us at 732-922-8600.