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Permanent Lineup

Available In The Brewery

Updated August 11, 2020


Head High

India Pale Ale / 6.6% ABV


Imperial India Pale Ale / 8.2% ABV


Pale Ale / 5.4% ABV

Black Tie Optional

Brut IPA / 7.4% ABV

Newer style of India Pale Ale brewed with Pilsner malt and rice to an extremely dry, crisp finish. Conditioned on over 2.5lbs per gallon of peaches and blood oranges.

Brighter Light

American Blonde Ale / 4.8% ABV

Brewed with pils, wheat, and a small amount of biscuit and honey malt and hopped with Mandarina Bavaria in the kettle and whirlpool.


Corduroy Lines

Imperial India Pale Ale / 8.4% ABV

An IPA using a Pilsner and two-row base malt and a blend of Thomas Fawcett malted oats, flaked oats and wheat. A small amount of Lactose in the kettle and hopping with Mandarina Bavaria in the kettle followed by two rounds of dry-hopping with Waimea, Citra and Galaxy that bring tropical citrus and pineapple notes to flavor and aroma.

El Dorado Punch

Fruited IPA / 6.8% ABV

Brewed with American two-row, malted oats, flaked oats, flaked barley, lactose. It was hopped with Citra and Simcoe in the whirlpool, fermented on a bunch of Apricot and dry-hopped with El Dorado and a small amount of Amarillo and Citra. ⁣⁣⁣

Double Dry Hopped Sneakbox

/ 5.4% ABV

Sneakbox Double Dry Hopped with Experimental Hop #692

Golden Feelings

Cream Ale / 5.5% ABV

Brewed with a blend of American two-row and six-row malts and corn. It was lightly hopped with Cascade for a balanced flavor and smooth finish.

Party Wave

India Pale Ale / 7.2% ABV

Brewed with Pilsner, wheat, oats, and honey malt–hopped with Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe


Pilsner / 5.4% ABV

Brewed with Continental Pilsner malt, Hallertau Mittelfruh and Saaz hops and fermented with a traditional German lager strain. It’s lagered for six weeks in stainless and canned.


Head High

India Pale Ale / 6.6% ABV


Imperial India Pale Ale / 8.2% ABV


Pale Ale / 5.4% ABV